Shhh: “A Quiet Place” Review


In the modern horror thriller A QUIET PLACE, a family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threatens their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you. This is one of a short list of films that have broken the cliche, schlocky mold of Hollywood drudgery. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

This film opens early in what seems to be a pandemic. Everything is silent. Everything MUST be silent, though not revealed why.

We see the Abbott family scavenging for supplies, walking barefoot through what seems to be a drug store. They are there for medicine for their eldest, their son. There is not a sound! No music, no sound effects. Amazing!One of their children is deaf and we do get to enjoy the world through her ears.

Things move along at a wonderful place from here on. They leave the store and head home. This is one of many areas where sound or the lack thereof plays its own character. During the film, the director and lead actor John Krasinski switches seamlessly between silence and sound causing us, the audience, to have a wonderful, edgy, disjointed feeling, which I loved!

The emotional developments within this family are at times warm, touching, but also full of tension. We have Mr. and Mrs. Abbott trying desperately trying to maintain some sense of normalcy, while the daughter struggles with rebellion and independence and the while trying to win the affecting and acceptance of her father.

We ARE shown, in part, the cause of the epidemic, in short, abrupt flashes! Hints of what may come.The use of silence and sound in this film is epic! There are plenty of legitimate scares and tense moments, but the film uses each element to its greatest potential!
I am going to highly recommend this film due to its unique perspective and story!