SDCC Special Edition 2021 – Sunday



So it’s the final day of a San Diego Comic-Con that most people honestly didn’t think was going to happen, much less be, arguably, a huge success. The chill in the November air still hasn’t gone away, which is a welcome respite for those still determinedly attending the Con in full cosplay. Normally Sunday at Comic-Con is both Kids Day and unofficially as Star Wars Day, the Exhibit Hall has a bunch of rush-out sales so the vendors don’t have to pay to lug their unsold stuff home, and though there are still panels put on on Sunday, a more nonchalant feeling pervades the general con-going attendees. Yes we’re all sad another Comic-Con has to end, but hasn’t it been great?

Panels were still being put on on Sunday of course, including a touching commemorative tribute to Mythbuster Grant Imahara, the art of Star Wars villain costuming put on by the 501st Legion, a look at the long history and the future of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise including teasers for new movies coming, a talk from the production and costume designers of big horror and sci-fi franchises like American Horror Story and the upcoming Station Eleven, and of course yet more panels on all the cosplay, props, and budgeting.

There were some, but considerably fewer children and younglings than one would normally see at SDCC, both likely due to it being Thanksgiving weekend still, and it’s also entirely possible that some kiddie-winkies hadn’t been able to receive their vaccination yet. Somehow, with the help of incredibly patient volunteers, staff, and security, Comic-Con Special Edition 2021 not only managed to wrangle a whole horde of geeks and nerds into providing proof of vaccinations and wearing a mask for a three-day weekend but managed it more or less cheerfully and safely too. I didn’t hear a single complaint from any con-goer, whether they be regular attendee, exhibitor, professional or press, staff or security, not a single person complained, refused to wear a red vax wristband or a mask, or staged a scene in protest. We came together, we worked together like good people should, cooperating so that we all might receive a sorely-needed socialization shot in the arm, and yes I did say it that way on purpose.

That almost hysterical need to not let it end, that exhausted-but-replete feeling that normally accompanies the last day of Comic-con is almost non-existent. Surrounded by the smiles of young fans who’ve attended Comic-con for the first time ever simply because it was smaller and the tickets more easily available for Special Edition, attended by their gamely-keeping-up older mentor geeks who also grin and reminisce that Special Edition is more intimate, like what they remember Comic-con of their own youths to be (oh me too), we remembered what it was like to be together with ones’ People, ones’ Tribe of geeks and nerds and fanatics!