SDCC 2018: First Full Trailer for Titans Has Arrived!


The first full trailer for the new live action show Titans has arrived and it’s…certainly one interpretation of the characters.

A live-action adaption of the popular comic books and cartoons the show will follow a group of young DC superheroes as they come into their own. The problem with this scenario though is though it hints at a much larger DC universe since it was never established in any earlier incarnation it doesn’t totally make sense right out of the gate.

It seems like Robin just decided to become Robin on his own, no influence from Batman or Bruce Wayne. The other characters seem to at least feel like their comic book counterparts but toned down just enough to play it safe.

While DC should be commended for taking a risk on such a tricky property it feels like they may have jumped the gun on the show. A well done Teen Titans should could and should exist in our modern television landscape, but not without some kind of build up. Like Justice League before it DC seems to want to push everything out there all at once rather than give audiences a slow burn to really care about the characters.

The full trailer is below:


Titans will air later this year exclusively on DC’s new streaming network.