Screwdriver A short by Vikkramm Chandirramani


Released: 15 February 2016
Written By: Vikkramm Chandirramani
Directed By: Vikkramm Chandirramani
Cast: Rajesh Nahar, Preety Arora, Afsar Adil, Deepak Daryani, Bharti Kumaria, Monika Sharma, Khagesh Vaidya, Rahul Singh, Abhishek Singh, Ravi Khengle, Rajendra Prasad, Sudhakar, Jagvir Walia, Pramodini Jarad, Bernadine Linus
Production Co: Quest Mercury Intermedia
Genre: Comedy

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Who doesn’t like a political satire??? And you thought the US had issues? For some who are far removed from countries like India it’s hard to imagine a situation where grown ups need government approval to have a bottle of beer. The short film ‘Screwdriver’ shows us that’s just how is. The film starts off showing an Indian couple and their friend trying to making plans to get together and drink. Soon the narrative, with a few unusual events, leads to a predicament. Saying more would take us into spoiler territory.

The film, directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani is a scathing commentary on the ridiculous laws that Indians apparently live with. I found it humorous. So much red tape. This film is a rare instance of humor translating well. Comedy that is not slapstick is usually hard to relish if you don’t follow the language and have to depend on subtitles. That’s not true here. Rajesh Nahar, playing Bhag Singh gives an understated performance that goes well with the film’s genre and his scenes with his wife, Neha portrayed by Preety Arora, work very well. So do Monika Sharma and Abhishek Singh playing the news anchor and the clerk. The script is taut and moves at a brisk pace. The opening scene could have been shortened although the humor makes it a treat to watch. This film provides a very fascinating glimpse into urban India and some aspects of their everyday challenges. The production values are better than most short films. The cinematographer (Kartik Katkar) and sound designer (Shantanu Trivedi) have done a competent job. The biting sarcasm and satire make this very well directed film a treat to watch.