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San Diego International Film Festival-2017- Announce Their Partnership With The New Hotel Brand From Montage Hotels & Resorts, Pendry San Diego



The San Diego International Film Festival (Oct 4-8, 2017) produced each year by the San Diego Film
Foundation is excited to announce their partnership with the new hotel brand from Montage Hotels &
Resorts, Pendry San Diego. Aligned with the Festival’s vision of cultural growth for San Diego, Pendry
San Diego serves as the 2017 San Diego International Film Festival Headquarters. The partnership
with Pendry gives filmmakers, industry executives, actors and local film lovers the perfect hub to
socialize, relax, meet and celebrate the very best in film. From the moment festival attendees enter
Pendry San Diego for the VARIETY Night of the Stars Tribute, to the last after party at Oxford Social
Club everyone will enjoy the stunning location, glamorous celebrities, and thought provoking
discussions with filmmakers.

Executive and Artistic Director of the Festival, Tonya Mantooth shared, “We are thrilled to announce
the partnership with Pendry San Diego. With their blend of modern glamor and luxury and corporate
focus on highlighting the local arts scene, Pendry San Diego offers the perfect boutique backdrop for
the Festival. We look forward to bringing thousands of local and national patrons together to share
Signature Festival events, industry panels and parties headquartered at this beautiful property.”
Michael O’Donohue, General Manager, Pendry San Diego, shared ” Pendry San Diego embodies all
that is fresh, dynamic and exciting about the evolving influence San Diego has as an arts, food, and
cultural hub. We see our partnership with The San Diego International Film Festival as a natural
alignment of visions in this renaissance for our city. The Festival continues to dynamically raise the
bar by bringing the very best in independent and studio films to San Diego along with the talent that
creates the films. With its artistic and economic impact on San Diego, the Festival is a natural partner
for Pendry San Diego.”

Key San Diego International Film Festival Events at the Pendry San Diego:
Sept 20th – Festival Preview and Media Party
Nason’s Beer Hall, Pendry San Diego
Sip a craft brew, watch the trailers and hear Executive & Artistic Director, Tonya Mantooth’s
Festival picks while socializing with festival attendees, media partners and industry insiders.
Festival staff will be on hand to assist with Festival badge pick-up and planning your Festival

Oct 4th-8th – Official Festival HQ
Pendry San Diego
Reserve rooms early! As the Headquarters for the San Diego International Film Festival, signature
parties, panels and events will be just steps away during your stay at the Pendry San Diego. Plan
to meet at Fifth & Rose Bar or Nason’s Beer Hall at the end of each day to find festival-goers
after the party.

Thursday, Oct 5th – VARIETY Night of the Stars Tribute
Grand Ballroom, Pendry San Diego – 5pm-10pm
This extraordinary evening celebrates the imagination, passion and vision influencing cinematic
excellence today and yesterday. The San Diego International Film Festival honors some of the
industry’s most accomplished actors, directors and filmmakers. Guests will enjoy the Celebrity Red
Carpet in front of the Pendry San Diego on 6th Ave

Friday and Saturday Oct 6-7- Festival Industry Panels
Oxford Social Club, Pendry Hotel – 9:30am – 4:00pm
Mix and Mingle with Industry Experts and connect with Filmmakers from around the world
at the Festival Industry Panels. You’ll learn the backstory on why a film was produced or the
behind the scenes antics of the cast or the struggles of getting distribution deals. Panels
Saturday, Oct 7th – Filmmaker Awards
Grand Ballroom, Pendry San Diego – 8:30pm – 12am
Guests will celebrate with Filmmakers from around the world as we present the Jury Awards for the
competition films at the Filmmaker Awards Show and Party.

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Unveiling the Epic Journey of Ayrton Senna: Netflix’s New Limited Series



Buckle up, racing enthusiasts, as Netflix gears up to premiere its highly anticipated limited series, “Senna,” in late 2024. Delving into the captivating life and career of Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna, this six-episode fictional saga promises to deliver an immersive experience like no other.

In a mesmerizing teaser video released today, viewers catch a glimpse of the adrenaline-fueled world of Formula 1 as they witness the recreation of Ayrton Senna’s historic victory at the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix. Narrated by the iconic Galvão Bueno, the teaser provides a tantalizing peek into Senna’s triumph on the Interlagos circuit, a pivotal moment in his illustrious career.

Portrayed by the talented Gabriel Leone, Ayrton Senna takes center stage as the series chronicles his journey from the genesis of his motor racing career in England’s Formula Ford to his tragic accident at the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Italy. Through triumphs, disappointments, joys, and sorrows, viewers will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster, unveiling the true essence of one of the greatest sports heroes of all time.

But “Senna” is not just about racing; it’s about the man behind the helmet. The series delves deep into Senna’s personality and personal relationships, offering a nuanced portrayal of the enigmatic figure who captured the hearts of millions around the globe.

Behind the scenes, “Senna” boasts an impressive lineup of talent, with Vicente Amorim and Julia Rezende serving as showrunner and co-director, respectively. Produced by Gullane in collaboration with Senna Brands and the driver’s family, the series promises to stay true to the spirit of Ayrton Senna’s legacy.

Joining Gabriel Leone in bringing this epic tale to life are Alice Wegmann as Lilian Vasconcelos, Camila Márdila as Vivianne Senna, Christian Malheiros as Maurinho, and a stellar international cast including Kaya Scodelario, Arnaud Viard, Patrick Kennedy, and more.

From the exhilarating race tracks to the intimate moments behind closed doors, “Senna” offers a front-row seat to the captivating story of a racing icon. So rev up your engines and mark your calendars for the premiere of “Senna,” coming soon to Netflix. Get ready to experience the thrill, the drama, and the legacy of Ayrton Senna like never before.

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