San Diego International Film Festival-2017- FOCUS On Impact Film Tour Presents Storied Streets


The San Diego Film Foundation , best known for presenting The San Diego International Film
Festival, launches their FOCUS on Impact Film Tour, May 2nd – 4th in San Diego Schools. The
tour reaches out to San Diego students of diverse backgrounds with a goal to educate on social justice
and create empathy for social issues – with a 2017 focus on homelessness. They will present the
documentary Storied Streets – shattering stereotypes about our homeless population. The tour provides
teens with a basic understanding of social justice, a personal connection to homelessness and an
awareness of how they can encourage change and empathy within their own community.
Storied Streets is an acclaimed documentary – by Executive Producer Susan Sarandon, Director Jack
Robbins and Producer Thomas Morgan – that explores homelessness across America by telling the
stories of those who live it every day. The San Diego Film Foundation will offer the documentary at 5
local schools followed by discussions with Giuseppe Pizano, the former homeless youth featured in
Storied Streets , Thomas Morgan, Filmmaker and Producer of the documentary and Sarah Hernholm
President and Founder of WIT, a San Diego based organization that works with teens to empower
them to become social entrepreneurs and leaders.

Executive Producer Susan Sarandon embraces the opportunity to make a difference with educational
outreach in the community. She shared, “Our passion for making documentaries allows us to shine a
light on issues of social justice both here at home and around the globe. But making the film is only
the first step. To have an impact, the film has to be seen. We are so grateful to the San Diego Film
Foundation for their partnership to take Storied Streets into the classrooms where it will make a
difference in the overall understanding of the issue of homelessness and provide students with the
knowledge and compassion to make changes within their own community.”
Tonya Mantooth , Executive and Artistic Director of the San Diego Film Foundation shares
Sarandon’s passion for both film and social justice. “We’ve been working with Susan and Thomas to
make the San Diego Film Foundation’s FOCUS on Impact Educational Series Film Tour a reality for
over two years now. We can’t wait to get into the classroom to share these stories and encourage our
youth to step up and make a difference.”

Understanding and addressing homelessness is an active conversation in San Diego as we navigate our
city’s struggles with addressing homelessness. San Diego’s microcosm falls in line with some
unsettling National Statistics. Most homeless individuals – up to 70%, go undetected across the United
States. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are as many as 2.8 million
homeless youth in the United States – which equates to 1 out of every 30 children . 34% of the
homeless population in the US is under the age of 24 and the average age teen who becomes homeless
is 14.7 years old. 75% of homeless or runaway youth ultimately drop out of school . These national
statistics are reflected in thousands of individuals – adults and children in San Diego.

Storied Streets personalizes homelessness for students by introducing them to individuals instead of
statistics. Giuseppe Pizano , a former homeless youth who is featured in the film – will also be on site
for discussion with students. Abandoned by his mother at age 15, Giuseppe was prepared to fight for
his education. With no other options, Giuseppe moved to the stadium box at his high school and lived
among the bleachers for five months. Toward the end of his freshman year, a teacher stepped in, as he
was unable to enroll for the upcoming school year without parental help. This teacher registered him
for his sophomore year and connected him with the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.
Giuseppe praises the association to this day for saving his life. Thanks to the support of the Nevada
Partnership, he was able to attend college and became the first in his family to attend university. He
studied biomedicine and nutritional science at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. The 22-year
old is willing and eager to create change for others. He believes “every action, no matter how small,
can have a positive effect.”

Filmmaker, Thomas Morgan is eager to speak with San Diego students at the screenings and shared
“The impact of Storied Streets for audiences across the country over the past three years has truly been
remarkable. The opportunity to carry this message with the San Diego Film Foundation into more
schools at a time when the community is truly polarized on this issue is so timely and important. I am
sure that the students will never see the issue the same— and my ultimate hope is that they work
toward and find creative solutions to eradicate homelessness in their community and in this country.”

How Additional San Diego Schools Can Get Involved:
For information on the 2018 tour, schools should contact Cindy Saylor

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To support ongoing education on social justice through film in San Diego through the FOCUS on
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