Salvation TV Show Needs to be Saved


Release Date: 12 July 2017
Channel: CBS and CBS All Access, Wednesdays at 9pm
Creator: Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro, Matt JL Wheeler
Production Co: Secret Hideout, Still Married Productions, CBS Television Studios
Stars: Ian Anthony Dale, Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan

The Show:
Kind of cloak and dagger, if you are looking for some dark alley, don’t go down the stairs, “watch your back, Big Brother is watching” kind of drama.

It’s definitely great to see Ian Anthony Dale headlining a show (in a sense). There is life after Hawaii Five- O! It’s also good to see Jennifer Finnigin, cast as Grace Barrows, again on the TV screen after her time on Tyrant. Santiago Cabrera cast as Darius Tanz (a tech billionaire), was on Merlin (oh yes, went there!) as Lancelot. He has a silky accent. That was a big draw. Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society), has been out of the limelight for a few years, but is back as Liam Cole in the series.

It’s nice to see that “scientific” shows are coming back. Were they really gone? Remember the movies: Deep Impact, Armageddon (sniff, Sniff), 2012? This may be along the lines of these movies. Who doesn’t love a good nerd out during the summer time?

The summary from the pilot: A meteor hit a place in Russia in 2013 and the government has been working on a way to track meteors since then, now a new meteor pending, can cause extinction.
Man, was that enough?

The pilot, streaming on CBS All Access and on TV on Wednesdays at 9 p.m., has me going. It seems you have to have high level clearance to really see what’s going on with the government’s plan.

Have you seen this before? Of course you have. What is going to make this show different from all the “blockbuster” films you have seen in the past? Probably nothing.

Here is what I did like: There is suspense. Ian Anthony Dale is the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Santiago Cabrera. The plot is a bit predictable, but with a topic like a meteor going to hit the Earth in however many days, what more can you expect?

Is it a waste of time to watch? I can’t say. I know my TV buddy liked it. It can warrant a second viewing before ultimately deciding, but then again, why when it’s on CBS All Access.