Roseanne Returns After One Week Hiatus

After a short one-week hiatus, America’s favorite family returned to the small screen to dish up more heart, humor, and commentary on the lower middle class.

This episode of Roseanne is notable for being the second episode in which Mark (Ames McNamara) has had any speaking lines since he was first introduced in the pilot. It should also be noted that this episode marks the return of Crystal (Natalie West) and Nancy (Sandra Bernhard), two fan-favorites from the original series.
Titled “No Country For Old Women”, the episode begins with the typical bickering of Roseanne and Jackie, fighting over who will take in their mother Beverly (Estelle Parsons) upon her rejection from the retirement home. This bickering between her daughters forces Bev to move from Roseanne’s, to Jackie’s, and eventually Becky’s. While Becky is at first happy to help her grandmother she almost immediately regrets her decision when she overhears Bev and her date (Christopher Lloyd) having sex. After Becky asks Roseanne and Jackie to help eject their mother once more, Bev feels genuinely hurt and unwanted…leading to a heartfelt conversation between her and Jackie.
Meanwhile, Mark has offered to help Dan make a birdhouse for his latest drywall customer. When Mark shows his very colorful creation to Dan, however, things go sour. Dan’s customer had specifically asked for the birdhouse to match his own home. Much to Darlene’s chagrin, Dan firmly tells Mark that while creativity is important, it is also important to follow the directions of the customer.
Packed full of laughs, tear-jerking moments, and brilliant performances by Laurie Metcalf and Estelle Parsons, this episode of Roseanne may be the best yet.