Rock in a Hard Place: TV meets Crowdfunding


Rock in a Hard Place puts iconic fictional former punk rock front-man “Lance” at about age 50. He’s emerged from a decade or two of self-destruction and rehabilitation and is about to try and start over – sober. Only this time he emerges with 2 ex-wives, a couple of kids, and a side-order of dysfunctionality.

If you want a taste of what’s coming, check out the pilot teaser on their Kickstarter campaign. The script has been shopped around and had some heavy-weight interest but no one would commit so the producers are taking it to the street via crowdfunding to raise the $50 thousand (USD) needed to deliver this show for TV

So, what’s the show really about? As the campaign site explains, “It’s a show that mocks and at the same time examines the self-absorbed state of self-gratifying spiteful behaviour of the ‘Me! Me! Me!” reality culture that currently engulfs more than a little of our entertainment…” It’s also about life-long friends, family, and a man who is trying to prove he is still relevant – mostly to himself. Ultimately, it’s about how hard it is for us to forgive each other, but how amazing life can be when we do. Ourselves, included!

There are plenty of star-struck perks waiting for pledges of $5 and up. Get tweets from ‘Lint’ the star of the show, even 8×10 autographed pics. For donations of $100 or more you can get your name listed in the credits. Not to mention a cool keychain with the band’s “the Prix” logo. Want to get closer to Hollywood? For pledges of $250 you can get a personalized cast poster signed by every cast member and your name in the ‘special thanks’ section of the end credits. You’ll also get an MP3 Download. Ready to go all the way? Pledge $1000 or more and get a call from THE Rosanna Arquette thanking you for your contribution. For $10,000 you get to be an “Exec. Producer.” Not only do you get featured credit, a walk-on part for the pilot and you will be invited to a recording session with 80s mega-star Richard Marx (yes, that Richard Marx) as they record the ‘Prix’ songs for the show.  Can you say #awesome!