Rick & Morty Pull the Ultimate April Fool’s Joke on its Viewers


You have to hand it to Comedy Central, they certainly know how to do marketing right. With no explanation whatsoever the channel simply started playing the first episode of the long awaited third season of Rick & Morty, on April Fool’s Day no less. That is exactly the kind of thing Comedy Central would do to both reward and screw with its core audience.

That in itself would be an awesome move on the part of the show but the episode itself is totally stellar and stands on its own well. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD. The show doesn’t miss a beat at all and picks up almost right where season two left off. Rick is in Galactic Federation Prison while, thanks to contact with Earth in the previous episode, the whole planet is now a part of the Galactic Federation and under its rule.

Meanwhile, Galactic agents are trying to get Rick to spill his guts about how he created inter-dimensional travel by looking through his memories. Nathan Fillion makes a guest appearance as an agent and his comedic timing is just as good as ever, even if he’s only doing the voice of an alien bug.  While all of this is going on Rick is trying to reason with Summer who wants nothing more than her grandpa back. But after two years of near death experiences that shocked him to his core Rick isn’t having it. So the two travel to Cronenberg world to catch-up with that the Rick of that Earth’s real family who have now gone totally native.

Once again the show walks that fine line of being extremely dark and extremely funny. It’s such a masterful balancing act that one cannot help but watch at in awe at lines that cause the audience both shock and laughter. Not many shows can pull that off and it’s what makes Rick & Morty such a special show.

If nothing else Comedy Central gave hardcore fans a taste of what’s to come in the new season, which won’t air for a few more months yet. Sometimes, the wait is worth it.