Review: Justice League, The Throne of Atlantis


Release Date :1-27-2015

Warner Animation

Director: Ethan Spaulding


Voice Talents: Christopher Gorham, Jason O’Meara, Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion,Matt Lanter

Action Adventure

72 min


Warner Animation kicks off 2015 with the latest Justice league feature The Throne of Atlantis.  As a sequel to Justice League WAR, Throne of Atlantis follows the events within DCs New 52 line and re-introduces Aquaman to viewers new and old.  A war is about to erupt between Humans and Atlanteans due to a plot devised by an unruly prince determined to take over Atlantis and conquers the world.  The only ones who can prevent the fore-mentioned events is the intervention of Earths mightiest heroes and the arrival of the heir to the throne.  Enter one Arthur Curry raised as an orphan and with the recent death of his father, in search of answers of his past.  During an assassination attempt at his home, he is saved by Mera from atlantis as well as the Justice League. Can they prevent war? Will there be Coexistence?

As a sequel to Justice League War, Throne of Atlantis follows the continuing relationship with Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as the continuing difficulties of Cyborg facing his humanity.  Arthur is a half-human half Atlantean who finds out his true lineage and must come to terms that he is the only hope in preventing war and securing the future for Atlantis.

With many of the previous voice cast returning, The characters kept the same energy and chemistry without a hitch, there have , however, been some cast changes.  Jerry O’Connel takes the role of Superman and Rosario Dawson voices Wonder Woman. Fan favorite Nathan Fillion returns as Green Lantern and I’ll have to say these few changes were for the better.  The movie as a whole was well done. Though the action was not non stop, the story line moved along and basically went through the important details without any dragging.  The action sequences were well animated but there were some spots that seemed to jump too far as to almost skip scenes. This only happens in a few spots but the feature didn’t suffer from it. Above all Justice League has one it again and as always Warner Animation has us looking forward to the next project…