PS Comic Xpo Blasts into Palm Springs!

History was made as PS Comic Xpo rocketed its way into the Palm Springs Convention Center. Placed two months ahead of the annual “Comic-Con Palm Springs” held every year, this is the first year for PS Comic Xpo.
For its first time gracing the Palm Springs Convention Center, PS Comic Xpo boasted an impressive list of celebrity guests including on-camera actors Ray Stevenson (Thor, Punisher: War Zone), Ray Park (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Solo: A Star Wars Story, X-Men, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), and Janeshia Adams-Ginyard (Black Panther). The convention also excelled in booking top of the line voice acting talent including Jess Harnell (Sean Schemmel (Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super), Grey DeLisle (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Fairly Oddparents, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Angry Beavers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and Rikki Simons (Invader Zim, Mighty Magiswords). While the convention didn’t offer a massive array of panels in its first year, it did boast a very impressive “Twisted Toons” panel in which Harnell, Simons, Horvitz, and DeLisle all humorously performed scenes from “The Breakfast Club” in their respective characters.
The convention also boasted an incredibly wide selection of artists and exhibitors including Matt Banning, Edwin Huang, Gustavo Vasquez, Tom Waltz, Steve Niles, Jamie Sullivan, Roger Robinson, Carl “Dutch” Dutchin, Chris Thorne, the Southland Ghostbusters, the OC Turtles, Erik Hodson Illustration, The Alex Ross Gallery, the 501st Legion, and several more.
Packed with an impressive array of guests and exhibitors, it’s more than safe to say that PS Comic Xpo was a tremendous success. Here’s to many more!