“Pokémon Detective Pikachu” is a Full Package of Nostalgia and Family Fun


Bring the kids, or don’t. This Pokémon film is geared towards the kids but may be the live-action adaptation their parents have been waiting for.

With Rob Letterman in the director’s chair and Ryan Reynolds as the voice behind our favorite electric-type Pokémon, it is a combination sure to please.

Letterman is better known for his animated films such as, Shark Tale or Monsters vs. Aliens, and brings that same fun and comedic feel to this live-action rendition. The CGI used to blend the Pokémon into the real world was seamless and within minutes I felt immersed in Ryme City, the vast metropolis in which humans and Pokémon’s live and work side-by-side, and where the main character Tim Goodman, played by Justice, Smith meets Detective Pikachu.

The unlikely duo finds their fates intertwined as they are thrust into an investigation for Tim’s father and Pikachu’s partner, Harry Goodman who was reported dead in a car crash along with Pikachu. With Pikachu’s memory gone due to the crash, the two must retrace his steps to figure out just what happened.

Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu is a perfect match and the one-liners he drops throughout the movie may go right over kids heads with subtle adult humor to sprinkle some flavor into an already comedic performance.

To top it all off, the focus seemed to be on First Generation Pokémon. Although you will see cameos from the newer generations, this film does come off as sort of an ode to the past, rewarding fans that have been there since the first Gameboy game. Most, if not all interactions with Pokémon in length is with your favorite first gen’s (not naming names, no spoilers sorry), really striking the ol’ nostalgia chord.

It may not be everything fans wanted in a live-action adaptation, these kinds of films never are. But I think this film does a solid job at bringing one of our favorite Nintendo franchises to life.

Pika Pika!