Overlord Rules!


First off I have to say WOW! This movie came outta left field and hit a home run!
We were up in L.A. recently and saw several billboard, but had never heard of this movie. My wife and I kept wondering what this film was all about.

Honestly, at first, I thought this was a video game, but upon seeing this film we were just awestruck! This takes on two very different genres and blends them perfectly!

The film starts out with all of the intensity of Saving Private Ryan‘s beachhead scene, throwing us right into the blender that was WWII. You have storming beaches, fire fights, planes being shot to Hell, and everything else that would go with a behind the lines airdrop.
With the troops plane being shot out of the air only a few members escape.
A small group bands together but even that service the fate of so many others during this tumultuous era in our history. With only about four members left they push on to complete their mission, that mission is to take out a radio tower that’s a Nazi of constructed on top of a church. Along the way they meet up with a French resistance fighter (played by Mathilde Ollivier) and they follow her to her house in a small town right outside the church.
It is here where the action starts to blend into the sci-fi realm! Boyce (played by Jovan Edepo) is now forced to break out of his pacifistic way and really step up his game in order to help the people of this town as well as his troop and complete his mission. His commanding officer is played masterfully by Wyatt Russel who, through harsh truths and reality shows Boyce the attitude he will need for this mission.
As Boyce enters the church/research facility we start to see the wonderful blending of things. Corrupt science, madhouse horror, and the 3rd Reich, Hitler’s war machine, in full effect!
This movie kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time and that being said I would highly recommend this film! It was, as I said, a perfect blend of Resident Evil and Saving Private Ryan!