Orange is the New Black – Season 5


Season 5 Released June 9, 2017
Streaming on Netflix
Created by: Jenji Kohan
Production Co: Titled Productions, Lions Gate Television
Stars: Taylor Schilling, Dascha Polanco, Laura Prepon

Season 5 was released at midnight on June 9, 2017.
When season 4 left off, Dayanara grabbed the guard’s gun and held him at gunpoint. Was it a riot? Were the inmates fighting for their rights? You know you were all on the edge of your seats when you finished that last episode in Season 4. I know. I was too.

Then, season 5 came out. Long awaited, there was even a threat of the leak that was quickly squashed. To be honest, many other people watched Season 5 and were blown away. As in they loved it. I watched about 4 episodes and was not impressed. It took three times to watch episodes one and two. The first episode picked up where Season 4 left off. The episode was so confusing and disorganized.
Episode 3 touches a bit on some of the inmates. Maybe to give the viewer a connection to the character. Not sure.