NYCC 2020 presents ‘Alex Rider’: New blood in the spy game!


Based on the YA novels by British author Anthony Horowitz of the same name, Alex Rider is a teenage spy recruited by a subdivision of MI6 to infiltrate a corrective academy for the over-privileged offspring of the hugely rich.

The panel featured author and executive producer Anthony Horowitz himself, talking to the main star of the television series, Otto Farrant.

Farrant immediately declared himself a fan of the YA novels, having read all of them before being recruited to play Rider.

Farrant talked a lot about discovering previously-unknown strengths within himself reached to find to play Rider, especially physically for all the coordinating stunts he was required to perform, but also mentally and emotionally. Saying he thought filming of the series took somewhere along the lines of six months, Farrant apologized profusely for getting carried away with the physical deeds of the show and elbowing his co-star Brenock O’Connor, who plays Tom Harris as Riders best friend, and also the stunt coordinator in the face!

Author Horowitz waxed big on being a huge fan of the eternal British super-spy James Bond, mentioning seeing the movies in theaters in his youth, but hastened to say that his Alex Rider character was very little like Bond – Rider isn’t patriotic, and he sure doesn’t want to be a spy, preferring to hang out with his friends and be as normal a kid as he can be. Which is likely to be impossible at the mysterious corrective academy Alex Rider finds himself infiltrating, given the name Point Blanc and all.

‘Alex Rider’ premieres on IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming service, November 13th 2020!