New York City Comic Con Introduces Robert Kirkman’s Invincible


Robert Kirkman is more than a one-trick pony. Though most fans know him as the creator of The Walking Dead comic books he also has a wide array of titles under his name many of which are starting to gain more attention. The most recent of which is Invincible, which is getting the cartoon treatment on Amazon this fall.

Kirkman did a one-on-one panel at New York City Comic Con this weekend and fans got an exclusive look at the new animated series. Honestly, it looks fantastic! With a great voice cast including J.K. Simmons and an animation style reminiscent of the Warner Bros. Superman cartoons from the 90s

For comic book purists Kirkman tells fans that the show will follow the source material closely but also expands on it and takes it in directions that will keep it fresh and exciting. Despite the Superman style it should be noted, and Kirkman pointed this out, it is a very violent TV show that probably has more in common with Amazon’s The Boys than other superhero cartoons. This is still Kirkman after all so don’t expect anything to be watered down or neutered.

“The violence is a very important element to the story. This is a mundane, every day family but it’s juxtaposed against what it’s like to be a superhero living in a world populated by superheroes and I’ve always through that with big, massive superheroes that can move planets it’s kind of weird that they aren’t doing substantial damage to each other,” notes Kirkman.

Invincible will air on Amazon Prime in 2021.