New Episodes of Turbo FAST

That’s right … six 22-minute episodes (containing 12 new adventures) of “Turbo FAST” premiere on Netflix today, which beautifully coincides with this morning’s news that the series has been nominated for two Annie Awards by the International Animated Film Society.  It’s a great end to a first season that has seen Turbo and his Fast Action Stunt Team zoom from the streets of Tokyo to the great American Southwest and seemingly all points between.
In fact, the all-new episodes (available at feature an episode called “Hardluck Hardcase,” which is set in a version of the American desert that may seem familiar to animation fans — series executive producer Chris Prynoski and his creative team wanted to pay homage to the stylings of Chuck Jones and the classic cartoons the series’ creators loved as kids.  In the episode, Turbo discovers he has a horn that goes “beep-beep.”  A lot.
“Turbo FAST has really gone from being a show about racing snails to a flat-out comedy that is just zany fun, like all the cartoons we knew growing up,” Prynoski says.
Also we would like to say congratulating the “Turbo FAST” creative team on their well-deserved Annie Award nominations

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