Movie Review (The Wedding Ringer)


RELEASE DATE: January 16, 2015

STUDIO: Screen Gems (Sony)

DIRECTOR: Jeremy Garelick

MPAA RATING: R (for crude and sexual content, language throughout, some drug use and brief graphic nudity)

SCREENWRITERS: Jeremy Garelick, Jay Lavender

STARRING: Cloris Leachman, Jenifer Lewis, Kevin Hart, Olivia Thirlby, Mimi Rogers, Josh Gad, Ken Howard, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

GENRE: Comedy


Jimmy Callahan will be anyone’s best man at their wedding for a price. It doesn’t matter the religion, race, or sexual orientation. Hell he’ll even speak at your funeral as part of one of his packages. Now his services are being sought by Doug Harris (Josh Gad of Frozen fame). But Doug has asked Jimmy to pull of a never before done “Golden Tux” package that requires Jimmy to come up with a best man, seven groomsmen and back stories for them all. He needs all of this within 10 days. Will Jimmy be able to pull off the biggest job in his strange career?

Kevin Hart is a funny man. No one can watch something he’s apart of and not chuckle at least once. That being said, he can be overbearingly annoying in his attempt to draw a laugh from the audience. But good news people! Mr. Hart allows his co-stars to shine along side him and it makes for the funniest film from him in a while.

The whole scenario with which this movie is based is absurd but it’s a comedy so it gets a bit of leeway. The story’s twists are predictable and I could see them coming a mile away but they don’t spoil the laughs. I did like the fact that the funny moments were spread around and it made it feel like the cast wasn’t an afterthought after they locked down Hart as the lead. This fact in turn made Hart’s time onscreen even more funny as he never felt shoved down your gullet. Gad and Hart had an great chemistry on screen. I doubted if they would have any but I was surprised.

I laughed damn near the whole movie and so did the audience I was a part of. That was a treat because after his recent string of movies I wasn’t expecting much more than the usual routine from him. I was pleasantly surprised.