Movie Review: The Book of Life


Release Date: October 17, 2014
MPAA Rating: PG (for mild action, rude humor, some thematic elements and brief scary images)
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Jorge R. Gutierrez
Screenwriter: Jorge R. Gutierrez
Starring: Diego Luna, Channing Tatum, ZoĆ« Saldana, Ice Cube, Ron Perlman, Christina Applegate, Kate del Castillo, Cheech Marin, Placido Domingo, Hector Elizondo, Ana de la Reguera, Eugenio Derbez, Gabriel Iglesias, Ricardo “El Mandril” Sanchez, Danny Trejo
Genre: Animation, Comedy

My New Favorite Family movie!! It is so great to watch a movie that didn’t have anything to do with princesses and princes. Though it was based on the Mexican Folklore of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), it still had real life lessons. The fact the Benicio del Toro had a hand in it was even better!!!

This is a story of young Manolo (Luna) who, well…wants to be a musician and not a bull fighter. He walked around town and plays music with the guitar that he received from Maria (Saldana) before she is sent away when they were children.
The mission..when she returns, who can win her hand in marriage?
Joaquin (Tatum) is a decorated soldier mainly full of himself. Okay, more of a narcissist (meaning he loves himself).

Well, the movie is centered on the three characters: Manolo, Maria and Joaquin. Three children who grew up together and find themselves, well, in a triangle.
Manolo, from family of bull fighters and a musician; Joaquin, from the son of the most heroic soldier in the town; Maria, the town daughter.
The movie fast forwards to when Maria returns from studying abroad and now the town is in trouble. Who will win the Hand of beautiful Maria, Joaquin or Manolo? Amidst their triangle, there is the “battle” between the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten.
Tricks are definitely played, especially between La Muerte and Xibalba.

I loved the colors in this movie, so bright and happy. I was in awe of this little town in the movie and the Land of the Remembered.
The synopsis says Manolo needs to face his fears, but most importantly it was more about finding out what kind of man he wanted to become and if Maria would still love him.