Movie Review (Interstellar)


Interstellar is one of the most anticipated movies of the year as it’s Director Christopher Nolan’s first post Batman film. The expectations on this movie are incredibly heavy as he’s been called a master of the film making craft after his last few years as a movie maker and I’m here to say that he has met my expectations. No, not exceeded them, but, met them. My bar for him is set extremely high after Inception and the Batman films, that there is little room to go up and lots to go down. I wasn’t let down and neither will paying cinema customers as this movie is awesome.

The story centers around Cooper, a father of two who’s a former NASA pilot ,but, due to the world’s extreme need for food is forced to be a farmer. The world’s crops are dying and in turn the world. Now, it’s up to Cooper and a small group of NASA scientists to find another home for humankind. Cooper is played by Matthew McConaughey, who is awesome here. Maybe because he essentially plays himself (a southern dude with mad charisma). Anne Hathaway plays the female lead role of Amelia. She’s a NASA scientist that goes on the intergalactic journey to save the planet with Cooper. Amelia and Cooper spend the most time on screen together so the chemistry needed to be good and it is. The other get a bit of time on screen but not much is significant. Jon Lithgow is amazing as Cooper’s father.

The story may be a little too scientific for some at points but I personally didn’t mind the explanations. The only part I had conflict with was the ending but due to spoilers I won’t go too deep in to it. The music anf sound direction was superb. The music was vapid and empty when the scene called for it and quick and dramatic when action was afoot. It just made the movie seem that much better.

I overall loved the movie. The acting was more than solid. The story (save for the Inception style ending) was good. Christopher Nolan has lived up to at least this critic’s expectations.