Movie Review: Ex Machina


RELEASE DATE: April 24, 2015


DIRECTOR: Alex Garland

MPAA RATING: R (for graphic nudity, language, sexual references and some violence)


STARRING: Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson

GENRE: Thriller, Sci-Fi

Runtime: 108 min


When Caleb Smith wins a company Lottery to spend a week with His Boss , the legendary NathanBateman creator of the worlds popular source engine Blue book he is wisked away to his estate secluded far away from civilization .  Upon entering the facility he is greeted by the easy going Nathan and is briefed on the reason he was standing infront of one of most brilliant minds in his time. Caleb was about to conduct a turing  test on nathans greatet creation since the Bluebook search engine. Enter Ava, an Artificial Intelligence with an uncanny personality that is engaging as well as intimidating to say the least.  Within seven days caleb is to determine whether or not ava is a success or a failure. In which Ava responds with,”..and what happens if you fail the test?”


Watching this movie gives you that feeling of  being locked in a room with a puzzle box.  You don’t what will become of the results: Success-Failure, Life-Death. All you know of is just the puzzle. That’s how I felt about this movie and others like this. You just have to go on with it and understand the journey.  With all the action, drama and fairytale movies out recently, Ex Machina served as sort of a palette cleanser for the brain.  Alicia Vikander – Ava,  showed an inquisitive non juvenile innocence which had me questioning behaviors.  Domhnall Gleeson – Caleb,  played an everyday behind he computer genius who’s curiousity was his best ally but his paranoia became his worst enemy.  Oscar Issac – Nathan, was the brilliant mind who seled himself from the rest of the world wih a world full of information which he funneled into his creation and played god.