Molly’s Game A Fantastic Journey from Aaron Sorkin


Molly’s Game is the directorial debut from Aaron Sorkin (who also wrote the screenplay) is a major powerhouse.

From the opening sequence until the end credits it is obvious that there was a great deal of thought that went in to the lay out of this film. Everything seems wonderfully calculated, and very precise! In the opening shots we are given what seems to be an insight to Molly’s beginnings as an Olympic skier as well as some insight to her family.

There are hints of rebellion and aloof behavior, but a strong character. Early on we see that due to a pretty severe accident she puts off school and heads to L.A. where the real adventure begins. This is a story about the journey Molly takes that eventually leads her to getting arrested and stripped of everything of value, with one exception. This is an incredibly well acted juggernaut! Jessica Chastain is absolutely outstanding. She brought such an incredible range, power, and vulnerability to this heavily character driven story. It was amazing watching her transform from this determined Olympic skier to this hardened poker tycoon, to a woman trying to hold it together while, literally, everything has fallen apart in her life.

Idris Elba brings a fire to his role as her lawyer. He is, however, not the typical lawyer, which I loved. He asks disjointed questions of Molly, personal questions, digging deeper into her personal and business background, causing her to really bare her soul. Michael Cera completes this triumvirate of actors with a cocky, snarky, jack-ass of a persona. I have never seen him in a role like this! He was cold, calculated, and kinda mean, I LOVED it.  I would give this film a 10 outta 10! It was such a great and powerfully done story.