Mile 22 is the Realest Action Film of 2018


Mile 22 is an all-out America vs. Russia espionage film with a blend of action and wit that will have you entertained from beginning to end.

Mark Wahlberg plays the main character James Silva who is part of a black ops military team which operates outside any government jurisdiction. The team is called “Overwatch” and is lead by John Malkovich who plays Bishop. The other members of this elite team include Sam Snow played by Ronda Rousey, Alice Kerr played by Lauren Cohan, and William Douglas III or “Dougie” played by Carlo Alban.

After the film begins with an intense mission gone wrong, the plot reveals itself as a race against time as the team must find a chemical compound that could wipe out the whole country’s population. The only person who knows where it is, a low-level police officer Li Noor played by Iko Uwais, will only tell them after safe transport and asylum in the United States.

The film is rich in action and a sort of blunt banter riddled with profanity that otherwise compliments the grittiness of each situation. Where Mark Wahlberg seems to win the audience right away with his role as a hyper-intelligent, insensitive sociopath who is really good at what he does; Iko Uwais takes the audience for a wild ride with his superb action sequences.

The two share the screen well creating a balance that compliments the plot and lingering questions of whose side are they on.

Overall, the film moves along well from scene to scene, building off a foundation of solid combat and piecing together a suspenseful storyline that leaves you wondering what will happen until the very end.