Men in Black: International is a Clusterf***


It’s not good, it’s not bad, but it sure is all over the place.

As I reflected on Men in Black: International, I originally thought of Frankenstein, pieces of other films placed together in such a way to bring this film to life. But then I thought a classic like Frankenstein deserves a little more respect and this film was more of a clusterf***.

The whole thing feels more like Scary Movie 6 rather than MIB 4. The plot is unoriginal, and you can’t help but think you’re watching other films the whole time. Seriously, girl interacts with alien as a child and as an adult her life is changed because of it, Marvel Universe *cough cough*. Or, the classic skip across the pond to do some inter-agency mission, Kingsman or Fantastic Beasts *cough cough*. And they’re not hiding it either, jokes referencing other films are flying at you left and right the entire film.

With that said, the actors played their parts well. Chris Hemsworth plays Agent H, and can do no wrong in the eyes of the audience right now, red cape or black suit, it doesn’t matter they love him.

Tessa Thompson plays Agent M and does a great job balancing his bravado out and bringing a contrast to the partnership as an eager and bold recruit. The two have worked together before in Thor: Ragnarok and it showed, as the two were the only consistency of the whole film. Liam Neeson even has a major supporting role in the film as Agent High T, the director of the London department, but he seems plugged into the film more than he is a part of it.  

This film is going to have a lot of people upset, but the average moviegoer will most likely enjoy it. It’s got a little bit of everything that’s for sure.

But if all you want to know is: Does it do the original justice?

The answer is 100% No.