Matrix Resurrections Review


The fourth installment of the legendary sci-fi series finally emerges after 18yrs. The story follows Neo after the events of the third installment but in a new life. Once a hacker with the handle Neo, Thomas Anderson is a lead developer of the hit video game series based on the Matrix. He soon realizes that he has been pulled from reality to be kept out of the ongoing conflict between humans and machines. The remaining forces must help him remember his past and finally reunite with Trinity.

The movie starts with a replay of the first scene in the original movie but from a third perspective of the new characters. This then brings a view of the story and introduces the setting for the story. There are moments where the movie begins to question the reason for the sequel as it jokingly suggests how movie companies tend to make sequels beyond the set trilogies. The rest of the movie blends the story with many references and scenes from the original movies and then brings back a few memorable characters for added nostalgia.
Matrix resurrections for fans of the original trilogy seemed to be a lot of fan service combined with an ok plot to further the story. The ending, like the previous chapters, was open for a sequel. Hopefully, more will be explained after this story.