Hulu Enters the Marvel Universe with Runaways


Hulu is releasing it’s own foray into the Marvel comic book universe in the form of Runaways.

It is an interesting choice in the fact that it is not a particularly huge property in the Marvel lineup, but, I have always believed that this makes a series even more intriguing. It allows for the audience to approach and absorb the material without much or any bias or expectations. This works in Runaways favor and I am sure they will benefit from it.

The back story is that the tragic death of a friend has made a group of children grow apart. They all go to school together but, treat each other as strangers. Some have turned to sports, some religion, and even the occult. They have drastically different courses since the untimely loss of their friend. After a bunch of different incidents and a previously extended invite to get together like old times the kids find themselves hanging out. While, they try to figure how to get over their grief with a liquor cabinet raid they stumble upon a secret room. That room is filled with all of the kids parents and they’re up to something most dastardly, most dastardly indeed. Now, the kids need to find out what their parents are up to and stop them.

The acting is pretty decent as it falls on the shoulders of young actors for the bulk of it. The interactions between them are reminiscent of many a teen drama that has released on TV over the years but, that is not necessarily a bad thing. I found myself engrossed most times in the scenes with very few moments that were eye roll inducing. The parents hold their own in their scenes. As they never truly let on what their intentions are and exactly how evil they really are. It keeps the intrigue strong between the two factions and asks the audience to question if the things the parents do are too far.

I am genuinely in to this show and look forward to the future installments. The acting, writing and presentation are pretty good with a bit of room for improvement but not much. I’d give this series a strong 4 out of 5 rating.