Marvel’s: Punisher Season 2


Frank Castle is used to being the last man standing. Whether that be among his enemies, allies and now Netflix Marvel cohorts. However, the kind folks in the writing room at Marvel have saved the second best (close second to Daredevil season three)best for last.

Marvel’s The Punisher

Following the last seasons violent conclusion we see Frank far away from New York and the spectre of the Punisher. He finds himself in a bar and in the arms of a new woman. It seems that Mr. Castle has let himself feel, even love again. It’s a welcome bit of character development. But, it wouldn’t be The Punisher if that happiness didn’t melt away in to violent reality early and often. Frank being the “good guy” he is helps a young lady escape some shady folk.

This leads to a roadtrip, a new enemy named John Pilgrim and many bloody battles. Speaking of enemies we find Frank’s old buddy Billy Russo still kicking after the hurting Mr. Castle put on him. Agent Madani is back for this go around too. Oh, and there’s a big crazy conspiracy that Frank is fighting against so, he’ll have his hands full.

The action this time is a bit more focused and intensely brutal.It felt closer to the energy Jon Bernthal had when he debuted as The Punisher in Daredevil season season two way back when. It’s even complete with his signature primal yell as he dives in to battle. People die, and people die hard. With everyone reprising their roles everyone settles back in to their second skins with ease. Hell, even Turk from every other Netflix Marvel show pops in for a spell. It’s familiar yet, feels new in the new story of the season.

Marvel’s The Punisher

My biggest gripe is that it seems The Punisher is fighting on too many fronts and there’s too many threats. It’s kind of overwhelming and leaves gaps in between episodes where villains just aren’t around for a long stretches. It isn’t a good thing.

This may be the last we see of this show on Netflix and I hope these adventures pick up again either on Netflix or elsewhere. The story is a bit bigger than necessary, action intense,tight and violent and the acting is solid on all fronts. Seeing a seemingly premature end to this series would be a punishment to the viewers.