Marvel Teases What’s To Come with New Avengers Trailer


Marvel dropped a whopper on us this morning and they didn’t even have to do much. All it took was the teaser trailer for the new Avengers movie and that’s all that was needed for the world to forget about the likes of Aquaman and Shazam.

We now know the title, our only real hint of what’s to come, of the new Avengers movie. It shall be Endgame. The end of everything and the start of something new. When we last left our heroes there were only half of them. Thanos’ finger snap wiped out half of all existence and our heroes have been left to pick up the pieces.

Not everyone is doing so well. Tony is stranded in space slowly dying, for one. Everyone else is dealing with the aftermath of a truly horrific event with no real solution. There’s been talk of time travel and parallel worlds but it’s unclear just how that will be done.

WARNING FAN THEORY AHEAD: As you will see in the trailer above the world is in a very bad place. Except everything isn’t quite as we left it. Hawkeye has turned into a ninja, for one. Steve Rogers has decided to go clean shaven, a strange move given the circumstances. More to the point, Scott Lang has managed to get himself out of the quantum realm all by himself.

This is an unusually hard task especially since he doesn’t have his size beads to control the journey. What I’m thinking happened is he fell into either a parallel world or into the past and is finding a way to change the timeline. That would make Scott Lang’s Ant-Man the most important person in the MCU right now.

It’s a clever move, especially since there’s still so much more to learn. Captain Marvel is theoretically on her way and we’ll learn more about her journey just a month before Endgame hits theaters. Her trailer hints at a Secret Invasion happening which only creates more questions. The Avengers may have finished their journey but the Marvel Cinematic Universe still has many more stories to tell.