Marvel Embraces the Weird with What If…?

The What If…series of Marvel Comics has always been a fun foray into the world of alternate realities. They show that with slightly different circumstances the Marvel universe as you know it could end up wildly different.
So when it was announced that the MCU was doing a What If…? series I was more than intrigued. Set up like the MCU”s version of The Twilight Zone, the entire affair is overseen by The Watcher (voiced by Jeffrey Wright) and what could have been just another throw-away animated series gets the A-List treatment.
The first episode gets wild as it shows what would have happened if Agent Carter took the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. The result is Captain Carter, a badass British female soldier fighting in the 1940s against Hydra and Red Skull. But that outcome brings about changes for more than just her. In this reality, it is Steve Rogers that becomes the world’s first Iron Man with the help of Howard Stark. It’s insane to watch and the steampunk vibe is strong with that one.
Though short, at only about a half hour per episode, the series manages to pack a punch right out of the gate. It helps of course that many of the actors that we know and love have returned to voice their roles. That elevates everything.
To say any more would be to say too much. Watch the episode, you won’t be disappointed.