Love and Mercy: The Genius of Brian Wilson


Runtime 121 minutes

Rating PG 13

Release Date June 19,2015

Genre: Biography, Drama, Musical

Director: Brian Pohlad

Starring: John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks


Love and Mercy is a refreshing look at the mind of the great artist, Brian Wilson. I have to admit I was attracted to this movie only for the music of the Beach Boys. I was expecting a basic formula for these movies which is usually a discovering of a gift, a rise to fame, a personal crisis leading down the path of self- destruction, then a final redemption to return to the limelight. This movie portrayed things quite differently. As an audience, we are able to see the creation of a masterpiece. In this film the artist and his music takes center stage; giving us the ups and downs of how songs were created.

The film gets very technical from the basic writing of the notes to the equipment used to create the unique sounds used in the songs. Particular detail was given to the instruments that would make any musician or fan who was really into the Beach Boys music geek out.

The performances between John Cusack (older Brian Wilson) and Paul Dano (younger Brian Wilson) were very distinct but flawless. The transitions were seamless and give a complete picture of the gentle artist. Again the music was a backdrop that conveyed the story of Brian’s unravelling.

The movie is well rounded and well worth the time to watch. Unlike most musical biopics, the story created around the music was complimentary and gives the audience what they want to see and hear.

The Blu Ray includes some exciting features for the fans such as the making of the movie as well as some deleted scenes and a featurette talking about portraying the life of Brian Wilson that you just don’t want to miss.

If you are fan of the Beach Boys or just want to get a taste of the sound, this is definitely a film to take in.