‘Lost in Space’ Ep 6 ‘Eulogy’: 27 Stones


Was it Franklin who said, ‘three can keep a secret if two of them are dead’? Well whatever, Mama Bear Robinson there has learned that the unnamed planet they’re currently plotting on is heading right for a black hole, and has to make the hard choice to begin sharing the information.

It’s hardly Penny’s fault that she overheard the information and inevitably shares it with her little burgeoning boyfriend romance, but the Jupiter crash survivors are already worried.

Despite Angela’s rage at the Robot’s actions aboard the Resolute, the other survivors and especially the Robinson’s tout the Robot’s current usefulness, and John’s eulogy to the fallen dead at the Robot’s many-arms can only help. Will is only a boy, and accustomed to disappointment and tragedy sadly, so the conspiring adults around him who want the Robot for their own purposes, stand a fair chance of getting the Robot away from him.

Of course, the main plotter all this time is still moving chess pieces from the shadows, and Lady Smith has no qualms apparently, about maneuvering Angela into becoming an assassin, especially with that gun that wasn’t supposed to exist in the first place. Don West, and Judy Robinson once he chooses to share the information with her, is crawling around on top of the truth about Dr. Smith, and she can damn well hear the clock on her own usefulness running out.

Penny’s cute little romance with the community leaders son VJ notwithstanding, not much joy is to be found in an episode titled ‘Eulogy’. Angela’s aborted attack that led to a Robinson injury sure didn’t help anyone’s morale, and Will has an especially hard time, ordering the Robot to effectively commit suicide after it was only really trying to defend itself. And in order to get off this dying rock, we’re going to need that Robot!

Stay tuned next time for more adventures with the Robinson’s and pals, on Lost in Space on Netflix!