‘Lost in Space’ Ep 1 ‘Impact’: Meet the Robinsons!


Lost in Space returns! Or is renewed, revamped, remade, something like that. After the original run of the show in the 60’s, and the 1998 movie starring a bunch of familiar faces, this new show breathes new life into an enduring classic, so let’s all get lost in space with our pals the Robinsons!

‘Swiss Family Robinson’ they sure ain’t. All the same familiar names are there: Maureen and John, the parental units; Judy and Penny and Will, their children. But each character has been upgraded and given a depth we honestly haven’t seen in those previous incarnations. Like with real life, we lay the blame and begin with the parents, John and Maureen Robinson.

Maureen (Molly Parker) I’ve taken to calling Mama Bear, and as the show goes on, it’s quite easy to see why. Poor beleaguered John (Toby Stephens) is a soldier, a very good one as it turns out, but because life on planet Earth is rapidly degrading, he has to go out and keep the peace more often than not, which means Maureen is left to run the household.


We see clearly in flashbacks in this first episode, that relations between Maureen and John are more than strained, they’re practically nonexistent. Of course Maureen is a scientist, but like any mother bear her main concern is for her children’s lives, so if anything threatens that, including but not limited to their own father, Mama Bear will not let anything stand in her way of remedying that quickly and brutally. One would think, given the military training John went through and his soldiering skills, that he would be the one to fear in the family – oh no, it’s the Mama Bear.

The children all have their own issues, as we clearly see from this very first episode. Judy (Taylor Russell) is already a credit to her families survival, brave and reckless and always wanting to prove herself to her mother, while Penny (Mina Sundwall) is struggling along, trying to decide who and what she wants to be inside the Robinsons.


And of course Will (Maxwell Jenkins), the smartest and youngest of the bunch, he wants to be a scientist too, but both his parents have their own ideas for what Will should be, and it isn’t until they get stuck on a strange planet together that these demands begin being presented.

So here we are, lost in space on a planet other than Earth, with the Jupiter 2 spaceship, as part of a fleet of other Jupiter spaceships. The Jupiter 2 crashed into the ice and just sank like a stone, and John’s demands that his children do their level best to help unearth (bad pun) the ship, which inevitably leads to two of his kids getting into serious trouble.

Judy went to save her little brother and of course got literally stuck, and though Will very smartly suggested using the surrounding environment to get Judy out, that idea leads to him and John getting separated. But that turns out to be the most fortuitous thing that could’ve happened, because despite leaving Will on his own to go and save his eldest daughter first, Will does fairly well on his own, thank you very much.


Or, mostly on his own. Will, the youngest and perhaps the bravest, and kindest for that matter, of the Robinsons, proves that friendly overtures really can be the one thing that saves humanity from destruction by, well, other species. The Robot, whom we were all missing from the Jupiter 2, has finally made its appearance, and hoo boy did he/it ever get an upgrade, like insanely so. Will Robinson, alone and frightened in a potentially hostile land, genuinely helped a stranger, and the Robot apparently comprehends enough to return that in kind. Remember that, for it will become vitally important.

Get yourself lost with the Robinsons on the brand new Lost in Space, on Netflix now!