Longmire -NETFLIX


Longmire is one of the true gems on Netflix.  The online channel is an excellent source of new content and great content that has been cancelled by its original network.  Longmire is an example of a series that worked well on A&E but was cancelled after three seasons.  Netflix picked it up for season 4 and it looks good for season 5.  This is one of the benefits of Netflix.  They can buy and show and add new seasons to it.  Longmire is one of their best decisions, a quality show that attracts old viewers to the channel.

Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) is a hard, dedicated lawman of Absaroka County, Wyoming.  He is The Quiet Man of the new west, his actions speak louder than words.  He is like many of the old heroes of the old west, tough, quiet, and dangerous when cornered.  Longmire values loyalty and seeks justice for the people of his county.  He may bend more than a few laws, but goes out of his way not to break them.  He can be frustrating and infuriating, but he is also respected and revered, especially by his staff.

This includes the beautiful deputy, Vic Moretti (Kati Sackhoff), who has a complicated relationship with her boss.  There’s a strong mutual attraction between the two, but a hundred reasons to keep their relationship professional. Good luck with that.  Longmire’s best friend is Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) who is right on target as the faithful friend who is loyal to a fault, but that won’t make it easy for Longmire.  I especially enjoy Ferg (Adam Bartley) who wants to be the best, but often comes up short time and again.  Watch him grow in the position of deputy with a heart.

And then there’s Branch (Bailey Chase) who from the very beginning is a bur in the saddle of his sheriff.  That comes from running against Longmire in the election for the sheriff’s position and power.  It’s not easy to work for the man you are trying to unseat.  But, Bailey Chase does a superb job of driving down the center of the moral highway, without crashing as desert roadkill.

Finally, daughter Cady Longmire (Cassidy Freeman) is another beautiful player in this complicated county.  She trying to find her way between competing loyalties and loves, looking to steady her relationship with her father without losing her principals.

The strengths of the series lie in the actors and the writing.  Like the desert, it can be dry sometimes, but that’s why they drop a new plot twist to keep you interested.  If you love westerns and strong, silent types, you will be come addicted to the show.  Like me, you will sit in front of your TV just waiting for Season 5 to be released.  As they say on Longmire: No calm after the storm.