Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Season 2 Ep 8 ‘The Hostile Hospital Part 2’: Paging Dr. Faustus


Yes, our favorite orphan trio is still stuck in the awful place known as Heimlich Hospital, surrounded by incompetent administrators, singing Volunteers who think that’s the best way to fight disease, a librarian caretaker of records who refuses to let anyone read said records, oh and, Count Olaf and all his cronies in disguise!

So, what goes on now? Violet’s been taken by the ever-present and flippant Esme, who also destroyed Hal’s library of records too, and she’s being prepped to have a, what did Dr. Matathias Medicalschool call it, a cranio-ectomy in the operating theater of the hospital. Klaus and Sunny have managed to toss together a disguise that wouldn’t fool anyone other than, well, Olaf and his actor cronies, and apparently everyone else who comes to watch in the operating theater. Including, unsurprisingly, Mr. Poe.

Klaus, or Dr. Faustus as his disguise proclaims, does his best to stall while Olaf and Esme try so very hard to insist he cut off his own sisters head, in front of a whole bunch of people who do absolutely nothing to stop it. An attempt at a long-winded explanation of what knives he will be using and everything a cranio-ectomy involves later, Dr. Faustus has managed to stop the sleepy gas Violet was suffering under and is trying desperately to engineer their escape forthwith.

All these adults, the Volunteer singers and their eternally-cheerful smiles, Mr. Poe and his eternal nasty cough, even the nice librarian Hal and practically everyone else, is so willing to believe that a trio of children could kill the handsome Count Olaf and destroy the hall of records, set fires, and commit all sorts of other skullduggery. The Baudelaire fortune seems further away than ever, and it never seems to occur to most of these people to actually try and help our favorite orphans.

The stolen Snicket file reveals some incredibly telling information to Count Olaf and, as per his usual MO, Olaf proceeds to deliberately set a fire to cover his tracks when it looks like the Baudelaires have escaped, yet again. But our trio may be much closer than any of the atrocious acting troupe realizes, and a ubiquitous flyer advertising a certain Madame Lulu may be the key to the next location to have a confrontation at!

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