Lego DC Superheroes: Aquaman Rage of Atlantis


DC is bringing another Lego DC Superheroes adventure straight to your homes. This time it focuses on Aquaman.

The often ridiculed and dismissed Justice Leaguer. It seems that Aquaman has allowed his good natured trust to cost him his throne. Now, the humiliated ex king must join the rest of the Justice League members and new Green Lantern,Jessica Cruz to stop his evil half brother and evil Red Lantern Atrocitus from taking over the world.

This movie is meant for children so some of the jokes don’t land for everyone but, a good number do. Especially,the running joke of people calling Batman’s utility belt cute. Of course, the always brooding Batman doesn’t like his things being called cute. That was one that stood out to me in particular. There’s a host of super cameos: The Justice League, Batgirl,Robin, Mera and even Lobo all show to kick some blocks.

At a decent 1 hr. and 17 mins. play time it’s a decent amount of family quality time to be spent with your superhero obsessed young one. This Lego DC offering punches up a solid 2 and a half stars from me as it’s a good time for it’s target audience but may not entirely grab the whole family’s attention.