It’s that time again! Los Angeles Comic-Con has returned to our beloved city of angels. Formerly known as “Comikaze”, LA Comic Con has been a beloved staple of Los Angeles since 2011. Fans from all over Southern California flock to meet their favorite comic book artists, writers, creators, and even a few celebrities.

In the previous years, opening night of LA Comic Con merely served as a “preview day” for fans to explore the different vendor booths and shop. All panels and special events were reserved for Saturday and Sunday. This year, however, the convention kicked off with a bang by inviting the hilarious and self-proclaimed “greatest band of all time”, Tenacious D. Consisting of only two members, Jack Black & Kyle Gass, Tenacious D has become an icon of the “mock rock” genre.
“The D” was on hand to promote their latest venture, an animated mini-series titled “Post-Apocalypto”, which features music from their new album of the same name. Originally scheduled to moderate the panel was actor Colin Hanks, however, seeing as he couldn’t make it, Jack and Kyle decided to moderate their own Q&A.
The two revealed that Post-Apocalypto was a passion project for them, born out of wanting to make a sequel to their 2006 film, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. The series’ animation was completely drawn by Black and he and Gass provide the voices for all the characters including themselves. The panel concluded with the dynamic duo showing a hilarious collection of clips from various films and TV series that inspired “Post-Apocalypto”. These clips included various scenes from Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Flash Gordon, The Wizard of Oz, Little Shop of Horrors, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and many others.
The panel was followed by an exclusive private screening of “Post-Apocalypto” in its entirety to a select number of fans that received an e-invite. The six-episode series follows Jack and Kyle venturing the world after a nuclear fallout. The two become fast friends with a two (and later in the series, three) headed dog they name “Hope”. Jack, Kyle, and Hope

 travel the ravaged planet where they encounter a tribe of vengeful feminist women, aliens from space, and even Elon Musk!
All episodes of “Post-Apocalypto” are available to view for free on YouTube