Kong: Skull Island A Fantastic Thrill Ride


[divider]Where do I begin? To start this film moves very quickly jumping almost immediately into the action. There is some minor set up as to how the team is formed, as well as a short set up for another part of the story, but for the most part they jump right into it.

I have to say that I just don’t like it when there is no real character development in the beginning of the story. That being said the film, itself, was ok. The graphics were pretty good, but I was always able to tell when the actors were performing in front of a green screen.

Getting to the island was done in typical quick Hollywood fashion with a very brief intro to Kong as well as two other characters. And speaking of characters, I have to say that Samuel L. Jackson had the most developed character in the film. The others did some rather good work, but, Mr. Jackson stood out among his fellow cast mates. He is portrayed as a very driven and intense military man, maybe a little too intense for the rest of the party. Anyway, the team gets assembled rapidly and it’s off to the island where they are almost immediately dumped into the fray.

Within the first few minutes of them reaching the island we get our first encounter Kong, and what an introduction that was. Upon seeing this encounter, however, my only thought was “fly higher”.

We are introduced to a number of nasty beasts as the remaining crew tries to get off the island, which, of course, adds to the fun. There is no shortage of gun play and fire fights, etc. as well as some humor brought in by John C. Reilly.

Now if you’re looking for a fair amount of action, this is totally your film (You’ll love it), but other than that the film, for me was kind of a let down.