King Arthur Lives Up To The Legend


A mythical story known to all: a young lad named Arthur learns of his royal ancestry after he pulls the magical sword Excalibur from a stone. With his iconic style of organized chaos, renowned filmmaker Guy Ritchie breaths new life into this classic with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Theaters will be crowning the new king this coming Friday, May 12, 2017.

Throughout the film fans will appreciate stylized visuals, expansive music score, and a dialogue that’s meaningful, as well as quippy. The feature opens with the the sprawling landscape of lush green lands, the haunting sounds of drums and strings, and the cries of people preparing for war. This is the introduction to the struggles of the Pendragon royal family. As the scene continues, fans of the show Merlin may cheer-on a certain cameo. The action escalates quickly, ending with a young Arthur, orphaned with no memory of his parentage. Viewers are absorbed following him on his odyssey from streets to throne.

This is how the picture differs from other adaptations. Ritchie made a conscious choice of telling the first chapter of the Arthurian saga. As other versions focus on Arthur becoming a king, Ritchie tells the story of how he becomes a man. Audiences follow him as he learns to defend, provide, and protect the commoners of Londinium. Although he is unaware of his noble lineage, he is revered as the village leader.

Growing up on the streets, this gritty version of Arthur was expertly portrayed by actor Charlie Hunnam. Fans may remember him from his silver-screen performance as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. The same drive from a crew, conflicting moral compass, and passion for his people that was invoked in Jax is found ten-fold in Hunnam’s Arthur.

The movie elevates itself with the complementing performance of Oscar-winning Jude Law, portraying tyrant Vortigern Pendragon, uncle to Arthur. Every line, facial expression, and movement Law creates is a masterful performance of a man struggling to balance the lust of power.

It can also be said that magic itself is a key character in the film, unlike other renditions. Through dazzling special effects and perfectly tailored cinematography, Arthur encounter supernatural forces that help and harm him on his quest. The strongest magical struggle, however, is learning to master the sword, as it pushes the fledgling king into confronting the demons around him, as well as within.

The lucky few who live in Los Angeles have a chance to experience the traveling installation of Excalibur at LA Live, providing movie-goers a chance to wield it in a 360 video on Saturday and Sunday May 13-14, 2017. The entire cast and crew have maintained the essence of medieval knight’s tale while pushing the narrative into an arc with a modern flavor. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a must-see movie before the summer, particularly in 3D with immersive surround sound.