Kevin Smith Returns to the Stage With “Fatman on Batman”.

On Tuesday, March 6, fan-favorite filmmaker and podcaster Kevin Smith took to the stage (or bar, rather) for his first live show since his near-lethal heart attack a week ago. The podcast in question, “Fatman on Batman” has within the past year evolved into a popular YouTube series recorded live from LA’s Scum & Villainy Cantina.

Smith took to the stage with such vibrant enthusiasm, clearly touched by the sold out crowd there to welcome him back after his medical ordeal. Smith began the show providing a brief recounting of his heart attack and that he feels elated to get back in front of an audience so soon after facing death. “People are telling me ‘take it easy, man, don’t go too hard’, said Smith, “Well, I’m not ‘going too hard’, I’m standing up here and talking.”
Smith then left the floor to his co-host, television writer Marc Bernardin (Castle Rock), who let the audience know the success of his recent Black Panther Round Table Discussion held at the Scum & Villainy Cantina a few weeks prior. Bernardin said he hopes to organize another discussion soon, possibly in time for the release of “Avengers: Infinity War”.
Unlike Smith’s other live podcasts, “Hollywood Babble-On” and “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”, “Fatman on Batman” offers a much more intimate and up-close experience for fans. Smith and Bernardin split the show into two segments: first is a compilation of all the latest comic book, film, and “geek” news, followed by a Q&A segment with the audience.
Those lucky enough to be selected to ask a question are often awarded with tickets to to the 4DX movie theater at Regal LA Live, or the infamous Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Hollywood. However, audience members asking questions must choose carefully as tickets will not be awarded if they ask a topic that has already been spoken of on the show, or if the question is not inclusive of both Smith and Bernardin.
As the show came to a close, Smith once again thanked the audience for selling the performance out and let us know that they’ll be back for another “Fatman on Batman” every week during the month of March. This episode and others can be found at or