James Gunn Releases the Suicide Squad at DC’s Fandome


Few films have been held under such secrecy as James Gunn’s new Suicide Squad movies. The film has been in production for quite sometime but almost nothing his known about the cast, the characters or the plot. All, or rather most, of that changed today at DC’s Fandome.

James Gunn came with his entire crew in tow and rather than simply do a Q&A the entire (rather large) cast all played DC trivia. It may not sound like much but it more than did the job of upping the excitement factor for the film while still not giving much away. The shear amount of fun the cast had and the obvious chemistry they all share is enough to sell many, myself included, on the film itself.

Then, right near the end, Gunn dropped some behind the scenes footage for the film. It wasn’t even an official trailer just some footage of the characters in action and it was…amazing. Not only has he wrangled together a brand new band of misfits (including some of his regulars like Nathan Fillion and Micheal Rooker) but he’s managed to create a film unlike any DC has ever produced.

The cast itself is fantastic: John Cena, Taika Waititi, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, Margot Robbie, Idris Elba and sooo many more powerhouses. Then there’s the costumes. This might be the first DC film to really embrace it’s comic book origins with comic realistic outfits. Not only is Harley FINALLY in her original outfit but some really deep cuts like Peacemaker are in the mix wearing their bright tights. My instincts tell me this is going to be the DCEU answer to Doom Patrol. That show continues to push the limits of DC Comics history and is totally unafraid of it’s comic book origins. It is nice to see that finally making it’s way to the big screen.

There’s no one better to create that vision than James Gunn. Right now most know him as the director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films but prior to that he also created the highly underrated (and very obscure) film The Specials and the offbeat and violent Super. That kind of resume means not only is he comfortable in the superhero playground but he can push the limits like few other modern directors.

Like the panels before it this too was cut far too short but it got the job done in record time. The panel managed to take a film next to no one knew existed and pushed it to the forefront of conversation. There may have been plenty of other major announcements at DC’s Fandome but Gunn managed to throw down the gauntlet with very little effort. Bring on the Squad!