Jack Ryan Comes to Prime


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series is coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2018.
Details on premiere dates are scarce, but who is excited that John Krasinski is the lead? Krasinki’s television debut

To see Krasinski back on the TV Screen is such a treat.

Jack Ryan is a CIA Analyst turned field operative. If you followed the movie series (limited, but awesome), you’ll remember that Alec Baldwin was the Original Jack Ryan. There have been five actors who played Jack Ryan:
Alec Baldwin: The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Harrison Ford: Patriot Games (1992); Clear & Present Danger (1994)
Ben Affleck: The Sum of All Fears (2002)
Jared Marshall: The Quotient of All Anxieties (2002)
Chris Pine: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Now, we have John Krasinski stepping into the role of Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford was a fan favorite and honestly, many may have thought that Chris Pine jumping into the shoes to play Jack Ryan would have taken off. What happened there? Maybe it was hard to see Chris Pine in another series that is more meant for someone else.
Can John revive Jack Ryan and make it a blockbuster show?

In truth, Krasinski has come up from his time on Prime Time television and many may have been taken by his character portrayal of Jack Silva in the film “13 hours”. Kransinski rise was in the television show “The Office”. In truth, I personally didn’t watch the show, but heard many great reviews (and references in conversation).
Jack Ryan series premieres in 2018 and stars John Krasinski, Wende Pierce and Ali Suliman.
What’s in store? Stay Tuned to Amazon Prime video, free with your Amazon Prime subscription!