Iron Fist Season 2 Review


Iron Fist was panned by critic and comic book nerds across the board. For many reasons. It’s wooden and uninteresting characters. A martial arts master who didn’t feel like one. The fact that the comic character can use the fist in many different ways but, only chose one. Sure, having the hand as the villains were cool but, they didn’t feel as dangerous as they did even in Daredevil Season 2. Iron Fists’ first outing wasn’t good. It felt rushed and it showed through the whole way. Now, with a chance at redemption in its’second season, it seems that Iron Fist may have hit its stride.

Immediately you’ll notice that this season is only ten episodes long, unlike the usual 13 episode seasons we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Marvel’s series on Netflix. Honestly, it helps rid us of the filler episodes that seemed tacked on even though the story could’ve and should’ve been concluded in past Marvel/ Netflix projects. The characters are played by returning actors and actresses from the previous season with a few tweaks that make them far more interesting to watch. Danny, seems to benefit the most from the writers seemingly renewed, passion for making their main character deeper and makes you want to know what drives him and the struggles of being a mythical fighter, the billionaire business heir, and the weight of both responsibilities.

The rest of the cast picks up their characters like bikes but, also seem to have new found energy when portraying their on-screen personas. Joy and Ward are tolerable characters this time out. They’re still screw ups haunted by their fathers’ actions but, meatier subjects for their real-world avatars to bring to television screens. Colleen doesn’t get too much of a makeover character wise as she’s Danny’s support system throughout this whole seasons’ ordeal. Misty takes a very large role in helping to investigate Davos’ activities and the Triad war which seems to have ignited in Chinatown.