Iron Fist Season 2: Part 2


The tail end of season two of Iron Fist (episodes 7-10) continues to tell the far more interesting story of Danny Rand and his past coming back to haunt him. Revenge plots have been hatched and enacted and his most prized possession stolen away from him. Will he be able to stop the nefarious machinations set up to ruin him or will he make it through with a little help from his friends and loved ones?

As,I stated before in part 1 of this review it seems that a renewed focus was put on telling a decent story this time out. Digging in to the history of Danny’s time in Kun Lun and the backstory of how Davos’ rage grew from their once brotherly love. We also start to find out more and more about the mysterious Mary and her part in all of the prior and proceeding shenanigans.We also, see our only other linking cameo besides Misty, in Turk. The lovable criminal is back to his old ways after he seemed to go legit in Luke Cage season two. But, it seems a leopard can’t change his stripes…right?

The last four episodes draw you to a confrontation where Danny tries to get The Iron Fist back but, is questioning whether he’s worthy of the responsibility of wielding it once more.The fight for the Iron Fist sees its’ explosive resolution and subsequent setup for the future. I dug the way the third season is hinted at going because it opens up room for more history of The Iron Fist and the rest of the Immortal weapons to be explored further. This sophmore effort gets a solid 3 1/2 stars from me.