In Defense of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD


Marvel is typically the studio that can do wrong but not all of their TV shows hit the mark. The latest example of this is clearly Inhumans, which failed spectacularly and made zero mark on pop culture. Still, most are very well done and have huge fan bases. But Marvel TV wouldn’t even exist without its flagship show, Agents of SHIELD.

There was a lot of hype when the show first aired 2013 and no one really had any idea what to expect. What we got was, honestly, kind of lackluster. That was right up until the sucker punch mid-season finale that turned the entire show on its head. Ever since that key moment AoS has been full of surprises and always ready to try something new.

Yet AoS has been the punchline of endless geek jokes from season two on as people started to clock out and focus on the studio’s more high profile series on Netflix and other streaming channels. But die-hard fans have never been disappointed. Sure the show may have carried Brett Dalton a season too long but at least it came up with a good reason for him being there.

So many people have stopped watching, in fact, that Disney had to put its foot down and insist that the show get a fifth season (which is currently on the air). For those that have left the boat, now is the time to start watching again. The show, which toyed with small story arcs throughout season four (and wrapped them together beautifully) has almost done a soft reboot and launched itself deep into the cosmic side of the MCU.

It is a genius and highly ambitious move that all so subtlety hints at the future of the Marvel Universe. Coulson and his team have been out of the fray of The Avengers for a few years now but they are still fighting the good fight with Hydra both at home and away. The cast continues to fire on all cylinders and is never afraid to mix it up by swapping out core regulars from season to season. It allows the show to feel constantly fresh and original. Give the show another chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Past seasons of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD can be found on Netflix with new episodes airing every Friday night on ABC.