In Defense of: Justice League


Justice League debuted in theaters last Friday and was getting flak before the first reel even hit the screen. One can hardly blame them given DC’s spotty track record when it comes to films. Even their best releases have been flawed compared to the competition as Marvel continues to raise the bar with every new release.

That being said, Justice League is still a damn good movie and well worth the price of admission. Much of the controversy surrounding the film was taken out of context by critics looking to tear the movie down. Everything from the running time to the costumes were torn apart before having actually seen the film, something that needs to stop.

Warner Bros and DC have clearly learned from their mistakes and make the tone and color scheme much brighter throughout the film and that very much works in its favor. It’s as if a light suddenly went off in executives’ heads that maybe the cartoons, which they do very well, would make an excellent template for their live action movies.

The result makes a wildly different tone but one that makes a lot more sense for the property. In the comics it is DC that is supposed to be the bright and funny option, not Marvel. The MCU has made a reputation of never being too dark and always filling their movies with lighthearted banter. DC on the other hand made a point of highlighting the darkest aspects of their superheroes, something that only really works with Batman. But now that the franchise has switched hands from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon (and Justice League is very much a Joss Whedon film) it isn’t afraid to crack a joke every now and then and show scenes in daylight. That makes all the difference. Even from a costume and color perspective the films just feel more like their source material. While that may not satisfy casual moviegoers fans of the comics will be very pleased.

Justice League is a perfect example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Critics and audiences were declaring it DOA before it even hit theaters, which is probably why it is under-performing at the box office. If it had simply been given a fair chance it might have done considerably better. There are already rumors of doing a soft reboot of the franchise, again, which would make the whole DCEU a total waste. Warner Bros needs to stick to their guns and follow through with this idea, even if they falter occasionally along the way.