Hedgehogs: Slow your roll


Welcome to Yummy Fruit Mountain, where Bobby (Anthony Padilla) and the other hedgehogs live. They all eat, obviously, yummy fruit (which to me look like pomegranates, for the record) and every season when the fruit ripens, all the hedgehogs race and vie against each-other to get to the very top of the tallest fruit and pluck that very first, finest fresh fruit of the season for himself. Almost always, in his pride and daring, is Bobby, the hero of our story.

Bobby seems to think he’s Sonic the Hedgehog or something, he loves to race around and strut and be the fastest and the best, but not so much contributing to the hedgehog community at large or being, well, kind and generous to others. When a wolverine named Maddox (Ian Hecox) who simply won’t take “no!” and “That’s mine!” for an answer when it comes to that yummy fruit, Bobby finds himself lost far from his mountain home, and with memory loss to top it off.

Essentially the rest of the movie is what you’d more or less expect – Bobby goes on a whirlwind adventure through the nearby city, helped along the way by cheerfully vague friends like Hubert the bird (Jon Heder), who initially swears no-name Bobby is a bird too, you know, his feathers just fell off when he fell off the choo-choo. Hubert actually makes Bobby some wings, which I thought was darned impressive.

Anyway, a whole bunch of other stuff happens, the animal gang gets captured because the humans nearby are having a virus issue, and of course, the Thinkman (Chevy Chase) of the lab just wants to murder all the critter carriers, while the little animal activist Scott (Max Mittelman) wants to check the animals out for the presence of the virus first.

Bobby encounters a whole other tribe of hedgehogs, even falling for their princess Rose (Jenn McAllister), but unfortunately these guys are pacifists, meaning no “spines up”, ever. The two opposing forces are about to come to a head, and perhaps a bunch of spines too, if only Bobby can convince them to act!

Bobby the hedgehog learns a great many good life lessons in his travels, not the least of which is that it’s perfectly welcome to ask others for help when you need it. To be brave and the first to the yummy fruit at the highest point of yummy fruit mountain’s tallest tree means little, if you have no-one to share your spoils with. And hey, an assault of bees, hedgehogs, birds, and even dogs against construction loggers and their machines always looks cool, no matter how improbable it might be.

Spending an hour and a half or so watching Bobby learn to be not quite so prideful isn’t bad. All the hedgehogs have weirdly colored spines; you get used to it. It is a movie translated from another language and sometimes the translation gets a bit fuzzy, but the general idea always comes across. Give Hedgehogs a roll!