Heart of a Tiger: A Glimpse Into the world of the Flying Tigers of WWII



Released August 25, 2015 USA
Directed by Malcom Clarke
Genere: Documentary Short
Rating PG
Starring Glen Beneda



The Heart of a Tiger is a documentary short by Oscar winning filmmaker Malcom Clarke about WWII pilot Glen Beneda, who was shot down behind enemy lines during a secret mission. The Flying Tigers were an elite squadron recruited by the president to secretly help the Chinese resist the Japanese forces during WWII.

Glen, with the help of some villagers traveled over 400 miles with almost no food and water to safety.
The short film is a narrative about this brave pilot’s journey to freedom and his return after many years to thank those that helped him escape to safety in his youth.

This is the kind of story that I want to tell my children that has all the best stuff; heroism, a struggle to freedom, to look darkness in the face and move to the light. Glen made a sacrifice to help others and in return was guided through the same kindness to reach his freedom. This a definitely a must see for aviation fans, WWII history buffs and anyone who wants to just hear a good story.

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