HALLOWEEN Comes to Monsterpalooza!


After becoming not only one of the biggest films of last year, but most successful horror film of all time, it’s no shock that Halloween (2018) took the stage at this year’s Monsterpalooza.

At a panel moderated by Fangoria’s Tony Timpone, special guests James Jude Courtney (Michael Myers), Chris Nelson (Make-Up Effects, Officer Francis), and Rhian Rees (Dana Haines) took the stage to share stories of what it was like to work on the horror blockbuster. When asked what it was like getting to work with Jamie Lee Curtis, they all responded warmly.

“It’s funny because she actually came to the set the first day dressed as Laurie Strode,” said Rees, “We all just got used to her as Laurie instead of Jamie, so it made us all very comfortable during the interviewing scene.” Chris Nelson said of working with Curtis, “She’s such a badass. She knows cinema, she knows filmmaking, and it surprised me how much she embraced coming back to this character with all love she had when she created it. Courtney shared that he and Curtis didn’t interact as much in between takes, so as to keep the tensions between Laurie and Michael as real as possible. “When we got to our big fight scene, which ultimately didn’t make the final cut, she came over to me and we just spent so much time going over how we were going to do it,” said Courtney.

Nelson also shared what it was like getting to work on re-creating the iconic mask for Michael that has become a staple of horror. “I can’t take 100% credit for that mask, but I think our crew really believed in what we were doing and I think it came out great.” Even though the praise for the new mask seemed to be universal, there was one unforgettable remark made by series creator John Carpenter when he visited the set: “Looks like sh1t.”