GRINGO Oh My Gosh! What A Movie! 

Gringo is something I have been looking forward to for quite some time. It is a well-written story with a bevy of high-caliber actors that know their craft well.

Our story begins with Harold on the phone to his boss in Chicago. After that the film goes back a couple of days to him in his life with his rather boring marriage. He then meets with his accountant only to find out that he’s flat broke. As the head of a pharmaceutical company he decides to head down to Mexico to check on the status of a shipment that has been lost and maybe save himself along the way.
Meanwhile another story is unfolding regarding a couple that runs a music store. The couple is approached by a mysterious young woman that offers them $20,000 to retrieve some product from Mexico and they agree. There’s a certain amount of chaos that reigns in this film and it is all the better for it.
There’s plenty of deception, misunderstanding, backstabbing, and tons of humor, but overall the best part of this film is that that the storyline is solid with all the characters intersecting at one point but never actually meeting up. They just kind of cross paths and chaos seems to ensue every time that happens. You have the executives (Joel Eggerton and Charlize Theron), Harold (David Oyelowo), and a slew of others all come together to make an amazingly entertaining film!